Types of Lettering:


Sandblasted into the surface of the stone. The lettering is then guilded or painted. Engraved lettering suits Gold, Silver, White and Natural letters.


Background is sandblasted away leaving the letter raised and polished. The Background of lettering is then painted or left natural, best suited for white silver and natural lettering.gold lettering


Letters are sandblasted into marble & keying holes are drilled into the letters, lead is then tapped into each engraved & keyed letter then honed to the stone surface. Ammonia is then left on the lettering to produce a dark oxidized letter colour.

Hand "V" Cut

Lettering is sandblasted into the surface of the stone, it is then hand chiselled to form a "V" shape. Gold & painted letters are best suited to "V"Cut Lettering.natural lettering

Bronze pre-cast

Bronze letters can have pins or adhesive on the back to attach to the stone surface. Pinned bronze letters are attached by drilling the stone and glueing in place with epoxy


Artwork is engraved into the memorial in the same way, Garner Memorials can place any sort of artwork on the monuments.


Garner Memorials offers an extensive range of embellishments, These include:Ceramic Photos, Majolica Ornaments, Statues, Crucifixes in bronze/chrome and gold, Large range of Bronze Fixtures, Vases etc.


Letter material finishes are available in gold, and painted. Gold lettering is 23 carat gold leaf and the painted finish is completed with oil based enamcar artworkel paint. The most popular painted colours are silver, white and washed/sealed.