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Garner Memorials are highly experienced in the restoration of all monuments.


From a simple repainting of an inscription through to rebuilding an entire memorial including its foundations. We use the latest methods and materials, as well as traditional techniques to return your memorial as close as possible to its former glory in all country and metropolitan areas.


When required, we will liaise with cemetery management, historical societies and heritage authorities to ensure all requirements are met.


Garner Memorials are specialised in renovating and restoring gravestones, stone plaques and headstones for over 40 years.

  • Relevelling monuments and providing a new concrete foundation.

  • Cleaning monuments by high pressure water blasting and sandblasting, bringing the stone back to its original form.

  • Stone chip replacement available in white marble, grey granite, red granite, river stones or polished river pebbles.

  • Regilding using old traditional methods and the finest of gold leaf, rejuvenating original lettering.

  • Additional inscriptions in any language, we can fit and match existing lettering on headstone. Specialising in gold leaf or any colour required, our methods are tried and proven and are long lasting.

  • New inscription in any language or font style, we have an extensive range of religious designs, motifs and flags to suit all nationalities.

  • New vases, candilli boxes; we also have an extensive range of accessories and options for you to pick from.

  • New photographs in any size done on ceramic tiles, which is a long lasting proven method.

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