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Garner Memorials offer a range of different memorials to suit each and every individual person. Our memorials are made with a sense of care and workmanship. Every memorial is special to someone therefore each and every memorial is special to us. We can design unique and requested memorials so that you can have complete satisfaction. We're also able to duplicate memorials and re-create old memorials to suit your needs.

Concrete Foundation & Tablet

Reinforced concrete foundation with granite sloping tablet with your choice of granite chippings

Red Granite Kerbing & Tablet

Reinforced foundation with simple granite kerbing and sloping tablet with granite chippings

Concrete Foundation & Moss Rocks

Simple concrete foundation complimented with a natural shaped moss rock & recessed bronze plaque with washed river pebbles

Black Granite Headstone & Ledger

Granite serp top headstone & ledger with swan edges. reinforced concrete foundation

Black Granite Kerbing & Headstone

Large granite headstone of your choice complimented with same colour granite kerbing & vase block situated for your convenience in front kerb/ granite chippings

Concrete Foundation with Ledger

Reinforced concrete foundation with choice of oxide to colour concrete. Large covering granite slab & vase block with lettering engraved on slab

Paradiso all Polished Memorial with Splayed Ledger & Canopy

All polished Paradiso granite vault memorial with large splayed ledger, featuring canopy style headstone with your choice of flower block

Double granite strip kerbing with headstone

Double concrete foundation featuring polished granite kerbing & large headstone with flower facilities & your choice of chippings

Balmoral Granite Kerbing & Headstone

Strip kerbing & headstone featuring balmoral granite chippings & flower facilities in base & front kerb

Calca Granite Headstone with Granite Kerbs & Ledger

Elegant Sth Australian calca granite all polished ledger memorial with flush kerbing complimented with polished front verneer

Concrete Double Foundation with Two Tablets

Double reinforced concrete foundation featuring two separate granite tablets covered with natural washed river pebbles

Double Ledger Memorial with Headstone & Kerbs

Traditional double ledger memorial with harcourt granite rustic edged kerbing & ledgers with double width headstone & double flower facility

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